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Areas of Practice


The Yau Law Firm is honored to be named “The Official Law Firm” of the following clients:



Founded by Dave McDaid, IRISHWATERDOGS is an outdoor apparel retailer, and kayak fishing tournament expert.  Their rugged gear is carried by a number of nationwide chains, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, as well as regional outdoor equipment specialists, like Black Creek Outfitters.

While IRISHWATERDOGS primarily offers apparel, they have been praised across the country and around the world for their philanthropic efforts.  Their monthly kayak fishing tournaments for the Wounded Warriors Project was featured in Canoe Kayak, a Canadian magazine.  They also host an annual kayak fishing invitational, the 2011 beneficiary being the Cleft Palate Clinic of Jacksonville.

In addition to an interview on NPR, IRISHWATERDOGS have caught the attention of NBC Sports and the VS. Channel, who featured a nationwide segment on the company, as part of the networks’ tribute to the military on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  It is estimated that 250 million viewers across America watched the segment.

Tom McManus’ “SUCK IT UP!” Brands


Former Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker, Tom McManus’ motto is “SUCK IT UP!”  He is the trailblazer with the philosophy that everyone has the ability to make the most out of life.  Although he is also recognized for his sports commentary, McManus promotes his “Suck It Up!” movement through television, radio, the Internet, and personal appearances. 

Through personal analogies and contributions from his audience, McManus inspires, encourages, and motivates people to play the hand they have been dealt.  He broadcasts live from his studio in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Jacksonville Axemen Rugby Team


The Jacksonville Axemen are the 2010 USA Rugby League’s national champions.  The Axemen travel the country to compete in matches, and are the pioneer franchise of the league.  The semi-professional team is stacked with local athletes and rugby stars from around the world.

The Axemen’s home field is at the University of North Florida’s Hodges Stadium.


E. Grizzly, Jonathan “Primo” Padilla, & Puerto Roc Records


E. Grizzly was the “2006 Independent Rap Artist of the Year” at the 16th Annual International L.A. Music Awards.  His album, Hip Hop is Dead, was also nominated for “Best Breakthrough Album of the Year.”

E. Grizzly is the poster child of Puerto Roc Records, and its CEO, Jonathan “Primo” Padilla. 



T-MAC founder, Todd McCullough, is a visionary who is developing an intense program to gear high school athletes for collegiate sports.  A former linebacker for the University of Florida Gators, McCullough has created a state-of-the-art fitness facility in Santa Monica, California.  As a personal trainer, his studio is geared for beginners and elite athletes alike.

Karina Petroni


Multi-talented Karina Petroni is a world-class champion surfer, model, fashion designer, and philanthropist.  She has been named as one of the “Top 50 Hottest Female Athletes of All Time” and “Top 10 Sexiest Female Athletes of Summer 2011.”

Having lost her father to a stroke, Karina is the face of her family’s annual “Never Quit Never” festival in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, to benefit brain bleed and stroke research.

Mango Mango’s


Mango Mango’s Beachside Bar & Grill features Caribbean-style appetizers, entrees, and drinks.  It all started in historic St. Augustine, Florida.  The unique menu coupled with a refreshing tropical atmosphere are the keys to the success of this restaurant.

With an appeal to locals and tourists alike, the chain is now offering franchises.

Clarisa Lebron


Clarisa Lebron is an internationally recognized model.  Her image has been on billboards in Times Square, and she was the face for a number of campaigns for brands like Armani.

Grant Payne


Science fiction author, Grant Payne, released the first in his trilogy, Password Novus Orsa.  This novel is now available on Kindle in the U.S. and U.K.

The second in the series, Novus Orsa:  The Dream Awakens, is scheduled for release in 2012, with the final book, Novus Orsa, available in 2013.

Morris Wilson’s Applesauce Kanani Brand


Morris Wilson is the creator of the Applesauce Kanani brand.  The heroine, Applesauce Kanani, inspired by Wilson’s daughter, is featured on books, safety kits, and other tools to teach kids valuable life lessons about safety, friendship, and honesty.

Applesauce Kanani is currently the subject of negotiations for a television series, and is securing talent to begin the production phase of the project.  In addition, a number of school boards have expressed an interest in licensing the brand, for inclusion into their curricula.